Iyengar Yoga in Solihull with Irina Zoteeva
Iyengar Yoga in Solihull with Irina Zoteeva
Iyengar Yoga in Solihull with Irina Zoteeva
Iyengar Yoga in Solihull with Irina Zoteeva
Iyengar Yoga in Solihull with Irina Zoteeva
Iyengar Yoga in Solihull with Irina Zoteeva
Iyengar Yoga in Solihull with Irina Zoteeva
Iyengar Yoga in Solihull with Irina Zoteeva
Iyengar Yoga in Solihull with Irina Zoteeva
Iyengar Yoga in Solihull with Irina Zoteeva
Iyengar Yoga in Solihull with Irina Zoteeva
Iyengar Yoga in Solihull with Irina Zoteeva
Iyengar Yoga in Solihull with Irina Zoteeva

Bespoke Iyengar Yoga Lessons in Solihull

Yoga is fun, happiness and home for your body and soul.

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 Irina Zoteeva Iyengar yoga in Solihull. Individual lessons.

Iyengar Yoga Lessons in Solihull taught by Irina Zoteeva

Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher Level 1, currently in training for Level 2

I truly believe I have the best job in the world!

I offer bespoke in-person and live online Iyengar Yoga classes in my home studio located in Solihull. Plus I cover yoga teaches in local sports clubs. With over 14 years of personal yoga practice, I began teaching Iyengar yoga in June 2018.

Balancing my roles as a mother to four-year-old twin boys, a photographer, and a former QA Engineer, I made the courageous decision to leave my corporate job to pursue my passion for teaching yoga. 

My teaching approach is centered around small group, ensuring each student receives individual attention. I account that every person is unique and I respect this individually.

During my classes, I provide clear instructions and demonstrations while offering verbal adjustments to enhance each student’s pose. I firmly believe that Iyengar yoga is an uplifting and joyful learning experience. It empowers students to cultivate stability and mobility, boost their confidence, fortify their immune system, and enhance their overall well-being.

In my view, yoga represents the ultimate self-investment, a gift you can bestow upon yourself.

About me

At the age of 72, my mother embarked on an online yoga journey alongside me in August 2021. As we fast forward to July 2023, the remarkable progress she has made is truly inspiring.

Iyengar Yoga in Solihull with Irina Zoteeva
Iyengar Yoga in Solihull with Irina Zoteeva

Who is suitable for 

  • Ideal practice for beginners
  • For those who are not flexible
  • This is a non-aggressive practice with simple asanas that are very easy to enter without special training
  • For the first physical activity in adulthood
  • Suitable for women, men, and children accompanied by their parents
  • Iyengar yoga is not a religion or an esoteric practice. It’s a practical exercise to improve your health, mental well-being or to reach the point when you never been before.
  • You do not need to have special equipment, you can use improvised tools from home
  • Individuals who have tried physio, but have not been happy. The Iyengar Yoga Certificate is assessed as a physiotherapist in America 
  • For people who are working from home and crunch over the computer too much
  • For individuals with sports injuries
  • Women after childbirth
  • For individuals who want to prevent and eliminate health problems
  • For people who want to improve their focus and concentration 
  • For anyone who is looking for peace and life fulfillment  
A girl is doing Utthita Parsvakonasana at the yoga studio on the yoga mat. Iyengar yoga in Solihull studio online and in-person lessons.

For beginners

Exercises that will help with extension, strength and balance. They will help strengthen the spine and maintain good physical shape and flexibility of the body.

A girl in Sirsasana - headstand in a yoga studio with ropes. Iyengar yoga individual lessons in Solihull studio.

General practice

You will be able to go deeper into the asana practice and work on complex asanas. This practice will help increase body strength and endurance.

A girl with the raised leg on the chair holding ropes in Iyengar yoga studio. Individual yoga lessons.


I will study your possibilities and wishes in order to create an individual program and help you to reach your goals.

I girl playing the harp in Magic Forest. Feedback on Iyengar yoga lessons.


Of all the styles of yoga that I have tried so far, I have been most impressed by Iyengar yoga. In this form of yoga, the years of training and experience that is required in order to achieve teaching practitioner standard is far higher than in many other forms of yoga. 

Irina is a fantastic yoga instructor. Not only is she highly qualified and experienced in her practice, her passion, dedication and commitment to yoga shines through in her classes. She has such a positive and infectious enthusiasm that one cannot help but feel lifted by Irina’s approach to yoga. Each session is carefully planned and every position is well explained and modelled beforehand. 

Irina has an excellent attention to detail and actively checks and corrects everyone where needed. I find her explanations and corrections extremely helpful and insightful. Irina is a patient and kind teacher and her classes are helping me to overcome injury and become stronger and healthier.

I would highly recommend her as a yoga teacher and always leave feeling better than when I arrived!

A lady with wavy hair smiling. Feedback on Iyengar yoga lessons.


The online classes are really convenient and even online, Irina is very good at noticing when I need to adjust my poses. She’s so positive and encouraging and will find different ways of achieving a movement if I’m struggling. 

Over time, I’ve become much stronger with more energy. I’m amazed at what I’ve been able to achieve and I always feel great after a class.


Gain strength and mobility

Bricks and blankets in Iyengar Yoga studio Solihull.

Livestream Classes

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Iyengar yoga studio with sunlight in Solihull.

Yoga Classes in Studio

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Hand-holding ropes in Iyengar Yoga studio Solihull.

Yoga props

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Answering your questions

What do I need to start yoga?

• comfortable clothes 
• bare feet 
• yoga mat for online classes
• laptop or tablet or PC with camera for online classes

What to expect from the yoga lesson?

  • clear instructions on how to do yoga asana
  • clear demonstration of each asana
  • verbal adjustments 

What will I gain from yoga lesson?

  • how to perform asana safely and with benefits for your health
  • personal adjustments to progress in your practice
  • balance and stability in asanas and life
  • emotional stability
  • noticeable strength and flexibility
  • stronger immune system
  • improved skin and digestion
  • better sleep and stress reduction
  • increased level of self-confidence 
  • knowledge how to use yoga props, when and why
  • understanding of basic yoga asanas and confidence to start your personal yoga practice at home 

Do I need to buy yoga props for online classes?

Not necessary, but they will make your practice more enjoyable 

• yoga blanket or blanket or big towel 
• 2 yoga bricks
• 4 yoga blocks
• yoga belt or any belt with a buckle
• yoga chair or any chair
• bolster or rectangular pillow

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Iyengar Yoga Association UK

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